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May 22, 2020


Huh, Warren as AG. I hear lots about Harris at AG but not Warren. Does she have a law degree or any experience in criminal justice? Personally, I’d like the CFPB to take on a far more prominent role, and for her to resume the post as its director. It seems that the CFPB and Justice Dept would make natural allies, with the CFPB in charge of crafting policy (Warren’s specialty) and Justice in charge of enforcement.

She is an attorney (JD from Rutgers) and was a Professor at Harvard Law but is otherwise unsuited to be AG. Or VP, which won’t happen either and for a number of practical reasons. She should stay in the Senate, where she can be at her best. Pardon my French but this article is nothing more than mental masturbation.

You are right Max if by article you mean the NYT piece. And I believe you do. There has to be a place for her in a Biden Administration. If you are going to use a stick on the limited number of Bernie or Bust progressives then there has to be a carrot for the rational progressives. I know quite a few Warren supporters and I quite like them. They certainly deserve some consideration.

Sorry - the NY Times article, not our host's commentary.

"There has to be a place for her in a Biden Administration." Don't count on that. History is replete with pundit speculations of also-rans' prospective offices in a new administration - and it rarely happens - and is forgotten well before Inauguration Day. Liz does not like having bosses; she prefers to be the boss, which is fine, but she seems temperamentally unsuited to have Joe Biden as her boss.

Just my 2 cents, but I think she would try to function as more of a co-president. I don't think she'd mean to, but I don't think she'd thrive in the role.

Her baby was consumer protection and she never got to take the reigns after all her hard work. It would not only be a good moment but an effective one to have her in charge. If Kamala Harris were to be AG (I read some where that she doesn't want the job, but that's now and she's a patriot) they'd get some righteous going on. Talk about girl power.

I suspect the Vice President, a woman and likely our 47th President, may have some contrary thoughts on Warren being any kind of co-president. Perhaps the most suitable role for Warren, should she decide to give up her Senate seat (which is giving up an awful lot, remember) would be as chief domestic policy advisor. Presidential also-rans almost never end up in the White House, in any capacity. Hillary Clinton was a glorious exception.

I'm no so sure this time. I can't know, but I have a feeling that Biden will draw from the pool of female talent in the primaries. It was the first presidential primary to see a fairly large assembly of women running for the presidency and I think he may want to buck precedent. (He doesn't have to. I want him to pick who he wants and I'm not real big on identity politics as a rule.)

Of course I don't know what he'll do with Maryanne Williamson. Maybe he could make her Chief of Seances or Director of Crystals. ;-)

Ah, I had no idea she had a JD (and was obviously too lazy to google it). I thought her background was entirely in economic theory.

I’m not real big on identity politics either, at least of the sort that’s devoid of any grace, humor, and magnanimity. Still, we can’t deny that identity matters and is inevitably one of the critical factors by which we relate to each other, especially in terms of political power. With Biden as our standard bearer, I think it’s especially important that he fill his administration with people who look like America. And yes, it’s long past time for some serious girl power in the executive branch!

I agree. A place. Not VP.

Ha! I am stealing your Maryanne Williamson line; I like "Secretary of Crystals."

Picking a former competitor has been done twice, in 1960 (Kennedy > Johnson) and 1980 (Reagan > Bush the Elder), and each would later become President, which is also likely here. So it is not all that out of line. It is difficult for me to think of a factor as great as his running mate being so likely to assume the office. That's why I think Janet Napolitano is a possibility. If I were to chose for him a woman of color, I think right now it would be Susan Rice. On foreign policy it would be hard to do better, man or woman.

You're actually more right than you might realize! She was not suited for presidential politics, but just look at this astonishing little piece; cut-and-paste from Wikipedia:

"Warren's earliest academic work was heavily influenced by the law and economics movement, which aimed to apply neoclassical economic theory to the study of law with an emphasis on economic efficiency. One of her articles, published in 1980 in the Notre Dame Law Review, argued that public utilities were over-regulated and that automatic utility rate increases should be instituted.[33] But Warren soon became a proponent of on-the-ground research into how people respond to laws. Her work analyzing court records and interviewing judges, lawyers, and debtors, established her as a rising star in the field of bankruptcy law.[34] According to Warren and economists who follow her work, one of her key insights was that rising bankruptcy rates were caused not by profligate consumer spending but by middle-class families' attempts to buy homes in good school districts.[35] Warren worked in this field alongside colleagues Teresa A. Sullivan and Jay Westbrook, and the trio published their research in the book As We Forgive Our Debtors in 1989. Warren later recalled that she had begun her research believing that most people filing for bankruptcy were either working the system or had been irresponsible in incurring debts, but that she concluded that such abuse was in fact rare and that the legal framework for bankruptcy was poorly designed, describing the way the research challenged her fundamental beliefs as "worse than disillusionment" and "like being shocked at a deep-down level".[33] In 2004, she published an article in the Washington University Law Review in which she argued that correlating middle-class struggles with over-consumption was a fallacy

"Warren joined the University of Pennsylvania Law School as a full professor in 1987 and obtained an endowed chair in 1990, becoming the William A. Schnader Professor of Commercial Law. In 1992, she taught for a year at Harvard Law School as Robert Braucher Visiting Professor of Commercial Law. In 1995, Warren left Penn to become Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. In 1996 she became the highest-paid professor at Harvard University who was not an administrator, with a $181,300 salary and total compensation of $291,876, including moving expenses and an allowance in lieu of benefits contributions.[37][24] As of 2011, she was Harvard's only tenured law professor who had attended law school at an American public university.[34] Warren was a highly influential law professor. She published in many fields, but her expertise was in bankruptcy and commercial law. From 2005 to 2009 Warren was among the three most-cited scholars in those fields.

What a slacker, huh?

I thought she'd gone off into a yurt or a vision quest or something. But I just read she's come out now supporting Nancy Pelosi's challenger. I forget the name. Butters or something. It seems the Democratic party has become to corporatists or something.

It lives.

"I think it's especially important that he fill his administration with people who look like America."

Yes. Well put. We need that.

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