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May 27, 2020


I kind of agree with him in a Be-careful-what-you-wish-for kind of way. Twitter and Facebook have been his biggest enablers for years now because of the size of their platforms, especially Facebook. I don't even go on that worthless site anymore. If he were successful in shutting them down, he and his Q-tard followers would have nowhere to spew their bile anymore. And say what you will about Rick Wilson and the other anti-Trump republicans. When he wrote "Everything Trump Touches Dies" he's been right every time and I wouldn't shed any tears over the death of Facebook. Of course that spoiled little punk ass Zuckerberg would probably find a way to slither his slimy ass back to social media monopoly.

"...that spoiled little punk ass Zuckerberg ..."

Mark Zuckerberg has no bottom. You know, like Trump. Little wonder they are allies. And make no mistake, they are allies.

I am sure Nancy is going to get right on the Enabling Act to make Trump's dreams come true. If you told me Mitch was considering a Constitutional Amendment that wouldn't surprise me. Much. But he'd only do it to create the appearance of trying.

Oh definitely.

Spot on description of Zuckerberg.

What is it with people who have so much and it's never ever enough? How much money does a person like that need?

For some people (many if not most of us know a few), that is because there IS no "enough." "Enough" doesn't exist. Aristotle wrote about it.

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