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May 28, 2020


I have no doubt you are right about Mitt’s ambitions. I also have little doubt these aspirations are destined to be unfulfilled. He just isn’t quite a shitty enough human to command the respect and adoration of Trumpers. Not slimy enough. Or childish. And he kind of reeks of elitism. Also a Mormon and that won’t cut with the Trump supporting evangelicals. The big problem is that he never quite his nose far up enough Trump’s ass.

My money is on Ted Cruz. Now that guy knows how to lick Trump anus. Trump disses his wife? No problem. He accuses Ted’s father of participating in the Kennedy assassination? That’s a turd Ted will swallow. Hot and steaming. This would be the kind of servility Trumpers will be looking for. With that base secured, and given his well established self-serving greasiness I give him a much better shot of succeeding Trump as the Republican nominee. He has that slime wow factor.

The new 538 poll ratings are out! It's like Christmas, if you are a wee bit autistic.

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