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May 21, 2020


Everyone should have their own theme song. I have always though this appropriate for Don Jr: But it does suffer from the deficiency of allowing confusion with pere et fils. Now I am thinking something more approriate would be a custom tune. Something called Trailer Park. But sung to the tune of Bali Hai.

There have been presidential pets that had more smarts and skills than poor little Fredo there with his Red Ryder.

The Gracchi the Trump boys are not. But it does makes me wonder if collectively Trump’s sons should be referred to as the Fredi.

"the Fredi". lol

So what should Ivanka be referred to as?

Perfect. Like the act, Dan Aykroyd as Elvis of the 50s and John Belushi as Elvis of the 70s: Elvi.

That was exactly my inspiration.

Toughie, but I am thinking Ivanka the Barbierian.

"Barbierian" :-)


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