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May 27, 2020


About the only thing any decent person can do, if they have a sufficiently high profile and have earned the wrath of the orange toddler, is draw his fire. So good for Romney, well done. Rattle around in that vacuous noggin and maybe he will tweet about that.

Trump is a degenerate. America might as well have Alex Jones as president.

I will quote from an Andrew Sullivan article this week, where he does hit the mark:

"The key thing, however, is that none of this seems to matter to the supporters of the president. For them, the pathology seems to be the point. It is precisely Trump’s refusal to acknowledge reality that they thrill to — because it offends and upsets the people they hate (i.e., city dwellers, the educated, and the media). The more Trump brazenly lies, the more Republicans support him. The more incoherent he is, the more insistent they are. Bit by bit, they have been co-opted by Trump into a series of cascading and contradicting lies, and they are not going to give up now — even when they are being treated for COVID-19 in hospital."

The pathology is the point indeed. Some of it is Trump's doing. Some of it predates him. Like, for instance, a white police officer with his knee on a black person's neck. Trump may have enabled that, but it was already there, deep in the American culture.

We could pretty much pluck any 14 year old mean girl out of any middle school in America and get a better president than the degenerate we are stuck with now. His drooling fanboys are proud to call themselves deplorables. They don't seem to know or care that he sees them as disposables.

Anne I don't think there's anything, anywhere, that Trump doesn't see as disposable. I swear if we lose this election there's not going to be a scrap of hope for us.

Outside of mass murderers and child molesters or someone who is in some institution for the criminally insane, I've never seen anybody like him. How did he go through a childhood and a coming of age without somebody, anybody, saying "Donald isn't just mean. Donald isn't just stupid. Donald is sick."

Note that well before this, the far ("progressive") left was posting conspiracy nonsense on this case, with the Daily Kos in 2011 publishing a hit piece, for which Michael Moore (who else?) attached himself.

Yea but that is literally what everybody with more than two brain cells has been saying for about three years now. They didn't choose Trump despite being an asshole. They chose him to be an asshole. I do not know why anybody would be surprised that they love him for it.

Oh I remember this so well when Scarborough was the bete noir of the left. At least as far as MSNBC goes. It took about three minutes of Googling to determine the facts of the case. Sure Scarborough was an asshole. Who could disagree? But this shit went too far and I said so repeatedly. More to the point the lady had a family to be considered. This I was told in all caps, was purely concern trolling. Like so many things, it comes back to haunt.

Yep, all too true. Even I admit to believing that conspiracy myself. I'm not happy about that, but as much as I am not a fan of Scarborough, he is no murderer, and he is still a far better man than Trump is.

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