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June 25, 2020


What's a little permanently disabling lung damage (if you survive) between friends anyway.

Just watched Joe give the whiner hell. It'll give you something to chew on tomorrow. Enjoy. I did.

Where did you see it?

Bless him. Thank God for a good man. This man.

Now read the contrast:

How it possible that anybody still supports this....I don't know what to call him. Mental patient? With the nuclear football.

And by the way, what the hell is a "word experience"?

Let us be clear. Donald Trump is not a mental patient. When one is a mental patient that means they are under the care of a doctor. I have mental illness and I am a mental patient. To call someone as evil and stupid as Trump a mental patient gives real mental patients a bad name. We're already dealing with the stigma of mental illness.

Oh Anne. I am so sorry for using that term.

Please except my apology.


No worries.

I'm glad. And glad you spoke up about why it was wrong.

Thank you. I hate to see someone who is not under the care of a psychiatrist be called a patient.

You're one of the cleverest, sanest people on the internet. I have a friend from school who is a psychiatrist. She is very eccentric herself. According to her, she went to work one day wearing odd shoes one black, one brown, with different sized heels and didn't notice until she was told late in the day. I'm not sure that I believe her but she's insistent.She came to visit us in Australia many years ago (on our first tour). My husband went to pick her up and found her on the railway platform trying to stop her shrieking rape alarm which her mother had insisted she carry with her on her travels. Nobody was paying any attention. It was the mid eighties. I'd never heard of such a thing.

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