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June 24, 2020


His ego is like a balloon. The more it's inflated, the easier it is to pop. If there are debates, I hope Biden can give him the same beat down he gave Paul Ryan in 2012. But I'm not even sure how much debates matter after 2016.


Debates became questionable to me after Gwen Ifill let Sarah Palin pull her stunt at the '08 vp debate "I may not answer your questions but just talk straight to the American people!". ?? A debate is where you answer questions you brainless Barbie doll.

But Biden vs Ryan was a thing of beauty.

I forgot about that. But I was also thinking of 2016 when Hillary won every debate but still lost the election. Perhaps Biden can have a Barack Obama style "Please proceed Governor" moment and just let Trump ramble himself deeper in the hole.

And I'd forgotten about that. "Please proceed Governor". The look on Mitt's face. He knew he'd just blown it.

When I look back on the Hillary debates with Trump there's one moment I wish she'd have seized. When he was stalking her around the stage (creepy) she should have turned around and let him have it. Asked him if she was supposed to be physically afraid of him, throw down Donald. Made him look like a crude perv and her a tough cookie. This would have enraged him and he'd probably have spewed filth and turned a lot of voters off.

I would think the best course for Biden is to taunt little Donnie but in a very specific way. Make it clear that it is Joe's honor to draw Trump's childish fire. Joe's shoulders are broad, his hide thick and if he can provide an alternate target from Trump's preferred punching down at the weak and powerless then let Trump do so. But be clear about it. With Biden Trump will be punching up far beyond his own stature.

I would hope that one debate might be sufficient. After which, if Joe plays his cards right, I expect Trump would remember that his previously scheduled bunker inspections, or some equally compelling play presidenting will force the other debates into being resheduled.

It would have been awkward for him to be called out right there on stage in front of an audience. But if the Access Hollywood tape didn't turn off enough voters off then nothing else would have either. Of course it didn't help that Comey announced at the end of October that they were reopening the investigation into her emails. Another stupid media obsession from 2016.

It does seem that any attacks on Biden coming from what passes for Trump's campaign seem to fizzle out and fall flat. Nothing is sticking and we all know how Trump's plan to get Ukraine to help gin up an investigation against Hunter Biden turned out.

I can picture Trump in a moment of desperation shouting, "Tara Reade! Tara Reade!"


I just hope they get good moderators. I wish they'd stop with the talking heads from cable and get serious moderators. Trump is no good at hard questions because he's stupid and most of the time he's just making things up or saying "believe me" after a stream of nonsense. It would be good to see him sweat. Spray tan running down his collar.

Yes. He's a bully and bullies don't know what to do when they face somebody who can take them on. And he can't stand to be mocked. Joe should look amused. And disgusted. Gloves off.

I fully expect Trump will have Tara Reade attend one of the debates like he did with the accusers of Hillary’s husband.

Never occurred to me, but you're right - he would wouldn't he? He's that tacky. And so is she. She'd show up.

Does his brain have any other setting except "Tawdry"?

"Does his brain have any other setting except "Tawdry"?"


This has been another edition of "Simple Answers"--oops, wrong blog. ;)

Oh yes, let him do that.

And then let Joe bring up the plethora of Trump's assaults upon women, some of whom were probably mere girls.

The dudebro media, and their pathetic self-hating female hangers-on such as Dowd and Haberman, don't hate Biden the way they hated HRC.

That is much of the reason Benedict Donald can't lay a glove on Biden. Benedict Donald never really laid a glove on HRC, either. The fornicating dudebro media (and Mommie Dearest Russia, may it suffer the fate of Carthage) beat her senseless--though not as senseless as the 62 million or so morons who voted for Benedict Donald.

May Vladimir Satanovich Putin learn, after November 3, that he has awakened a sleeping giant, and filled it with a terrible resolve.

May his own people rise in wrath against him, and may he suffer the fate of Mussolini.

May his judges in the afterlife be Rod Serling and a committee of Rod's favorite writers.


You know, if the debates actually got into the grit of Trump's sordid past, if Biden had no choice but to let it fly if Trump tries to Tara Reade him, or Hunter him so Biden had to Ivanka/Jared him, the debate could actually be unsuitable for family viewing.

Something I've never been clear about? Are the average people in Russia unaware of how truly vile Putin is or are they fully aware but too scared to say anything?

Love the "Benedict Donald" moniker and yes the media is very dudebro. It's like the characters from "Entourage" are doing the news sometimes.

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