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June 26, 2020


Dogs always look guilty. Our dog is only eight years and a bit but looking very grey these days. As he's grown older he gets naughtier. Every morning he flies in and lies on our bed before getting bored and taking off with discarded socks or (better still) underwear which he dangles out for everybody to see.

Oh come on, Mary, send in a photo . . . !

Tilly is a doorbell! And so is our papillon Lily Bean. (definition "a doorbell" - excessively cute and lovable)

Many years ago we had a puppy named Tuna who came down with parvo. He survived, and when he came back from quarantine at the vet he needed to be and fed with a spoon. So I would sit on the floor with Tuna in my lap and feed him, morning and evening . And that is how I became Tunadaddy. Tuna lived with us for thirteen wonderful years.

That is a great origin story! Pretty good super power too.

What I ask, as a species, did we do to deserve dogs?

They're too good for us.

That's so sweet.

How did he come by the name "Tuna"?

Looking guilty is a dog's way.

and, as the bumper sticker says: "who saved whom?"

As the old Charlie Barsotti cartoon goes, "Not guilty, because puppies do these things."

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