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June 27, 2020


Dewey also had a problem articulating why exactly he wanted to be president. Not unlike Ted Kennedy when he was asked. Did anyone see what Trump answered when asked what his priorities were for a second term? Yet another spaghettiword address.

But Carter didn't have the Russians, Bill Barr and the electoral college to nudge him over the finish line. Oh and speaking of the Russians, have you heard the latest? The Kremlin has been paying bounties on American soldiers' heads to Taliban fighters and Trump has known about it since March and of course did nothing about it. Fuck elections. Get the guillotine.

The most disgusting thing I've heard about Trump to date. Sickening.

The only more thing more disgusting will be the mealy mouthed response from Republicans or the quick shuffle and dart past the cameras when reporters try to get them to respond to questions.

I am sure as this story gets bigger, and it will, Trump will be astonished that the person who was expected to do something about it was him. And that will be so unfair.

I'm sure Susan Collins is quite "concerned" and "troubled" by it. Mealy mouthed doesn't begin to cover it. They let this criminal go free and the blood is on their hands as much as his. Add it to the blood of 125,000 COVID-19 victims on their watch. They don't fucking care and I would have more respect for them if they just admitted it. They all need to go.

The media and the democrats are so mean to him, the poor dear. And I really hope you are right that this story will get bigger. I wouldn't mind seeing the Biden campaign or the Lincoln Project make some ads about it. Put the fat orange bastard on defense.

They don't care about anything or anybody. Just power. Still reeling from the soldiers story, I came across this:

BREAKING: #60Minutes investigation reveals Trump knowingly allowed flawed #COVID19 antibody tests to circulate, leading to inaccurate data about virus spread, creating data to support re-openings, and potentially causing thousands more preventable death."


You said, Anne.

Sadly, expect some to look at all of this and cross their arms and sneer some nonsense about how Biden and the Democrats are just as bad.

I do hope the Lincoln Project does one of their blistering ads. When they do (and surely they will) I hope they splice in the old comments from Trump's sons from back before he ran, about how they don't have to worry about financing - they get most of their money from Russia.

And I hope the timing coincides with the release of his tax returns. I read somewhere that the court decision may be as early as this week (something about them doing it before they go on recess.)

Here you go:

Thank you.

The last line is brutal "When Donald Trump tells you he stands by the troops, he does. Just not OUR troops. "

Oh I love these people. They know how to do this.

I would bet they bought air time on Fox News in the swing states. They make ads that they know will push all of Trump's buttons and send him into a tizzy.

Oh certainly. These are former (?) Republican operatives with serious campaign experience and if there's one thing they are good at it's going for the jugular. It's like a sport.

I've been fascinated by the Trump response. He and Pence "didn't know". It's ridiculous. He's not only the president, he's Commander-in-Chief (God help us.) But he wasn't informed that a foreign leader was paying to have our soldiers killed? Yeah. Right. That's not possible. Nobody with a brain could believe that.

At this point, he's gotten away with so much that I fully expect they'll try to sell this. I just wonder, at this stage, if he'll get away with it. People are starting to see the Emperor has no clothes.

Speaking of Ted Kennedy, no recapitulation of the 1980 election is complete without mentioning the sabotage of the Carter presidency by the establishment Democrats. Somehow, that significant fact frequently escapes attention when Democrats discuss events of that year.

Probably the most fateful mistake in the history of the Democratic Party, and that's a charitable description.

They helped usher in 40 years of Reaganism and 40 years of GOP-lite, and, to this day, they refuse even to acknowledge their arrant treachery, or the effects of their corruption, which we experience even to this day.

Why, Kennedy and Tip O'Neill are celebrated today as heroes by the party, and never mentioned as midwives of the Reagan Revolution. Remarkable.

Have you seen their newest new one featuring the former Navy SEAL? Talk about tizzy:

I like the part where he refers to "stomping the s*@t out of". More of this please.

Yes I absolutely love it.

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