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June 22, 2020


The TikTok crowd claims never made an ounce of sense. But that they felt engaged enough to try was heartening. And they did get the Trump campaign to believe demand was extraordinary. I was wrong myself. Completely wrong.I absolutely did not believe Trump couldn't fill such a modest venue and in a red state. The Pips filled the place not long ago, without Gladys Knight. But I always like to position myself these days so that when I am wrong I am also happy to be wrong. I am delighted to be wrong in this case.

I plead guilty to something else. You just wrote something about getting their stories straight. I think that way too. Inconsistencies are one thing but making completely contradictory claims offends my IQ. And obviously yours too. But we have to stop thinking that way. Trump does not work that way and he never has. Thus Bolton's book is a tissue of lies AND reveals state secrets. Now you may feel constrained by potential embarrassment from saying something obviously stupid. So would your commentariat. But little Donnie and his entire Administration do not.

He should have stayed in the bunker.

I just caught this. I don't know why I didn't earlier. Reading too fast I guess. "The Pips filled the place not long ago, without Gladys Knight". lol Trump truly laid an egg.

That was funny. Thanks Peter.

(I love Gladys and the Pips" btw.)

Who doesn’t. While I grew up in Canada it was in the shadow of Motown. I love all things Motown and derivative.

Lucky you.

As much as I love Marvin Gaye singing "Heard It Throw The Grapevine" I love to hear Gladys sing it. Oh and "Midnight Train To Georgia".

I think you are missing the point of the Tik Tok effort. While you are 100% accurate that

"The TikTokers et al. could have requested 10 million tickets and it would have made no difference in the number of actual Trump supporters who showed up Saturday night, since tickets were not reservations. If 7,200 Trumpeteers had shown, then the auditorium would have had 1,000 more attendees. "

In today's media world managing expectations, and the gap between expectations and reality are often more important than the actual event.

Think about primaries in a crowded field. If candidate A is polling at 20%, but gets 23%, it seems like a win, even if candidate B got 30% - If candidate B was polling at 35% and got 30%, news reports will make it sound like a loss.

Same thing goes for this event. The image of the "overflow section" being taken down was 100% a result of the Tik Tok efforts. If the Trump team knew the real number (or anything close) they never would have built that stage.

There was also the issue of Trump's expectations - If he knew the real number in advance, he might have cancelled (due to violence concerns or something) and we never would have had his walk of shame after the event.

And finally, I guarantee you that of the 100,000 email addresses they got 95% were fake. If a major email provider (like google) gets a lot of emails from a source with bogus addresses, they will decide that the sender is a spammer

Now this was all a minor win, but it was a win

I do not think he missed the point. The Tik Tok crowd almost certainly helped create the illusion that demand for these tickets was vast beyond human comprehension. Trump boasted of it in fact. But they didn't displace anybody determined to attend. Which is what many of the Tik Tok crowd were trying to suggest. It just didn't work like that. My credit to them extends to inflating Trump's ego, all the better to deflate it.

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