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July 30, 2020


I just read something that said that Trump and Pence have to go at noon on January 20. If no new president is elected, the job goes to the speaker of the house. So he could end up making Nancy Pelosi the next president without her even running for the job. And from what I have witnessed, the media has been doing fine paying attention to his tweet and talking about the shitty economic news. Personally, I'm glad the media is covering his tweet. It sends the message that the country is paying attention to any fuckery he's trying to get up to.

My two cents (a nightmare scenario):

If there is going to be electoral mischief, it will occur in GOP-controlled swing states. Said states do not certify their votes (voting by mail is RIGGED!!!!1!), thereby denying both candidates an Electoral College majority. A roll of the dice follows, in the form of a contingent election in the House of Representatives, where "the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote" and Trump wins, 26 to 24.

universal mail in voting is the exact sane thing as absentee voting. damn, that man is fucking stupid.

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