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July 27, 2020


Well, see, the first thing you want to do if you consider China to be some sort of threat is ditch the TPP trade treaty that was actually designed to protect America’s family jewels (intellectual and similar property). The next step would be to start trade wars with all your onetime allies that you would absolutely need to constrain China. Then you back a Russian dictator against all those European allies and try to help him break up the EU. Don’t forget to undercut NATO and essentially remove any faith that America would honor its longtime mutual commitments. That is also essential. It wasn’t absolutely essential to fuck up the Iran nuclear deal, but it earns bonus points for pissing off literally everybody.

Once you have ticked all these boxes you are ready to take on China. And boy has that ‘leader of the free world’ psyched up the team to victory!

I'm going off topic. I apologize. But I just lost it tonight.

A right winger, a relative, was watching me watch the news. And began to chime in with the stupidest commentary about how the COVID virus would end on November 3 as soon as Biden won (they seem to be reconciled to a Trump loss so I guess there's that) and that the 150,000 + deaths are a hoax. I was suddenly looking at Alex Jones only female with a bad perm. I said "you're not that stupid" and this person smirked and said no they weren't I was stupid because I believed the news coverage.

And I lost it. I literally screamed. I think it's possible that I dropped the F bomb. I know I dropped the food I was eating. I got so angry I had to leave. I was afraid I might get physical. (Not much threat I'm very small.) But I was amazed at the rage I felt. All I could think of was the agony those people went through and this uber "Christian" was saying these things. I felt sick. I still do.

That's all. I just needed to write this. I hate these people. The only way to tie this to the article is to say that Navarro knows his audience.

I have to go cry now. We have got to win this election.

Hold fast. It, by which I mean Trump, will soon be over.

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