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July 11, 2020


If he's this brazen at this point, so in-your-face, what on earth will happen if he isn't voted out in November? He'll eat the country alive, devour us.

I think there might have been a few problems prosecuting mobsters even with the additional prosecutorial powers the RICO act provided if the mobsters had the power to grant pardons for their subordinates. But all is not lost. Trump cannot grant himself a pardon. And while that presidential power, predicated on the President never being a scumbag, is absolute it does not according to the recent SCOTUS decision allow the president to commit crimes. Crimes like obstruction of justice or using his pardoning power to do that.

"the U.S. Constitution, whose framers never imagined that a US president could ever be loathsome, treacherous, criminally dirty, an openly appalling."

More fools them, then!

The 9 coffin nails of democracy by Roland Rottenfuss, 7/15/2020

Democracy is an achievement and must be won anew, expanded and defended against attacks in every era... The political conformity of the mainstream press is a sad chapter. "Representative democracy" is a fine word, but who do the representatives actually represent today? Citizens want "representatives of the people" who take their will into account.

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