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August 10, 2020


Leaving aside Republican bitching about the use of Executive orders pretty much exclusively with regard to Obama we have an unusual situation here. Normally Trump just uses these to do wonderful things like allow coal mines to pollute open water sources. Which actually impacts relatively few people. But in this case he has, metaphorically, seized the controls of the aircraft that everybody is flying on. And in typical Trump fashion he has made a pig's breakfast of it.

Aside from the fact that they will accomplish little because they are poorly conceived. It is unlikely they will get far in the teeth of that pesky constitution. And in doing so he has set himself up for a rather spectacular failure. Apparently, from his tweets, he seems to think that this is a wise negotiating strategy that is going to bring Pelosi and Shumer to the negotiating table where they have been sitting for weeks now. But I seriously doubt this. If this Trump plan is what the GOP is going to tie around their own necks, knowing as they do it will fail, the Republican controlled Senate has a real Trump problem.

"Thou shalt not partisanly bicker" is what? God's 11th commandment? Is there a director's cut of the Bible previously undiscovered?

Navarro is a lunatic fringe economist who unsuccessfully ran for office five times in San Diego where he managed to violate election laws. He couldn't even win the nomination in Republican primaries for partisan offices. He doesn't know shit about the Lord or the Founding Fathers but he's Trump's kind of people. Only the best.

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