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August 08, 2020


Hope so. I’m still nervous. For one, I’m still politically traumatized by 2016. We read too many analyses that basically said Clinton had it in the bag. Now, they’re saying it’s much different this time. There were events they couldn’t have predicted that swung things in Trump’s favor, they misread the electorate, the polling was still in the margin of error, Clinton was a weak candidate and bungled her strategy, etc. Forgive me, but I’ve heard this song before. Two, Trump & Co. are going to use every dirty trick possible to rig this election, employing all manner of voter suppression tactics. With our racist, antiquated electoral college method of electing presidents, it could very well succeed. And three, I still see Biden as a fairly weak candidate. I’m sorry but when I see him interviewed, there are still too many “yikes” moments. I think his ideological disposition is the right one for the times. I think he’s a good guy who exudes empathy. But inspiring he is not, and unfortunately the know-nothing, all-politicians-suck voters out there hold Democrats to a much higher standard than they do Republicans.

I too am nervous, but remember--THIS time Bullshit Culture War issues will NOT take the top spots in the minds of swing voters.

Benedict Donald and his Russopublicans must run with two huge rotting albatrosses hanging around their necks:

(1) Their abject failure to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic.

(2) Their abject failure to respond effectively to the economic disaster created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plus, now that they are stupidly forcing people to go back to work and to school, the rates of infection, lasting damage, and premature death will skyrocket.

Putin and his gremlins really have their work cut out for them this time--but underneath the eternally efficient Russian censorship, Corona-chan is probably pegging Mommie Dearest Russia with a strap-on cactus, which would keep Putin a wee bit distracted from our elections.

Yeah, no. Not how it works.

Any election where an incumbent is running is a referendum election. This election is about one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump. Joe Biden could be a potted plant. That's not what this is about. It's all about Trump.

Look on other sites that are little more hospitable to Republicans: The Trumpalos are crowing, saying "Boy, are you libs in for a big surprise!" Know where I saw that before? On all the same sites, but in 2018. There was going to be a Red Tsunami! The media was going to be humiliated!

How did that work out? Not too good if you're a Republican. Did all those voters change their minds since then? I hardly think so. What has improved for Trump since then? Nothing. In fact, it's gotten worse for him, a lot worse.

If you're going to pull a rabbit out of your hat, there has to be a rabbit somewhere. Trump has no such rabbit.

I hear ya and I hope you’re right, and by any reasonable measure, of course you are. I just can’t help remembering all those pundits who were similarly certain in 2016. That dog bit me once, and even though it ain’t the same dog this time, I’m still afraid of dogs.

As I've pointed out here before, the 2016 election came down to 77,744 votes spread across Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for an electoral college win. That's just not likely to happen again. And this is a referendum election. Even Trump knows he is toast. I'm constantly amazed by the down ballot politicos hanging on to his coattails or, worse yet, publicly supporting QAnon and other conspiracy theories. Some of these crazy people will actually be elected by more crazy people. What a world.

You should meet my relatives.

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