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August 05, 2020


She knew.

Well now she has been exposed to it she should have acquired a lifetime of immunity to GOP syndrome. She won't get better until they do.

Knowing is one thing. Being "shushed" to your face by one of these assholes is an infuriating reality.

I'm sure you put her mind at ease??

That’s some good real world education for her. Rather than wallow in hopelessness, I hope your daughter uses this as inspiration to take these assholes on. She certainly gives me hope.

Well. Phil. Rodney tested positive today....Ellie should get tested ASAP. BYW he is my rep also and I totally agree with her assessment.

Thanks for your concern. Ellie retests twice a week, as she did yesterday.

And also exposed to COVID as just after this he was found postive. What a slap.

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