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August 02, 2020


We are now literally days away from watching the formation of Trumpervilles. I feel we should have our jargon prepared in advance.

I can't help but think that within a month or two we will see an historic rise in crime, rioting and violence. The volcano is about to erupt. This will be the crowning achievement for the "Law and Order" "president" and the enabling Republican senate.

While trump may be willing to make a deal with the House, McConnell appears to have decided that trump is a lost cause. He's intending to leave scorched earth for Biden. One thing for sure, they will put the blame entirely on Democrats.

That is also what I think the Republican is. And what would control of Congress and the presidency do? Oh maybe impose dramatic tax increases and plugging loopholes on top tax brackets. Whick is something that polls quite well on both sides of the political divide.

Of course they'll blame the Democrats. Same ol' same ol'. But Republicans have become so feral, they behave like they're not even interested in getting reelected. If voters are still angry in 2022 as I suspect they may be, a lot can get fixed in four years.


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