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August 30, 2020



Yesss... for a media that’s purportedly in the bag for Biden, they sure do a shitty job of promoting him. Not that we should want our news to propagandize in favor of any one candidate (I know, I know...), but do they have to make such an effort to do so against him?


"Must we really suffer another two-month media extravaganza that untruthfully dwells on Clinton's Biden's vulnerabilities rather than reporting the plain and obvious facts, such as Biden's forceful response today?"

Yes. Sorry about that. They don't do plain and obvious. Sigh. Get some sleep. Take a multivitamin. It's going to be a long 2 months. Hopefully in doing so they won't do real damage so they can they doom us to another 4 years of Trump and then make an extravaganza of that hellscape.

(Thank you by the way for "A fucking Rasmussen poll, for Christ sake, which sits at the children's table at Thanksgiving dinners and draws nothing but groans from adult pollsters." *Snicker*. Perfect - and funny - description.)

Ivory Bill Woodpecker

It all makes perfect sense once you remember that the owners of the media, and the higher-ranking staffers of the media--"mainstream" as well as openly wingnutty--are rich people, and rich people never want the Democrats to control both elected branches of the Federal Government, because then the Democrats might, just might, raise the taxes of rich people.

Plus, Benedict Donald is colorful, and so he sells ads.


Cleve R. Wootson Jr. at the Washington Post claims to have found an undecided voter in his article a couple of days ago. Where in the hell did he find this guy? There are no undecided voters after nearly four years of Trump. Remember that the 2018 midterms were a referendum on Trump, and that was before the pandemic, racial unrest, unemployment and a tanked economy. Nobody believes the media anymore. Let them rant. It turns out that old, boring Joe Biden just happens to be the perfect candidate for this time of total chaos.

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