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August 11, 2020


Well I feel vindicated. That was exactly what I hoped for and posited as a power ticket. Busing kerfuffle aside this answers a lot of demographic concerns. Ironically it is Biden who brings the black vote to the dance.

Wall Street is OK with her too which is a mixed blessing. To whatever extent the stock market is still forward-looking money-runners might not plow quite as much in toward defeating the Democratic ticket as they otherwise might have had Joe picked a crusader which I didn't think he would. The downside is ironically, if there's any relief rally it could redound to Trump's benefit. But I'm glad she is the choice. Republicans will try to get mileage out of the "I was that little girl" but they won't get traction except with the hayseeds and they have a lock on them anyway.

I took one for the team and turned on Fox News (luckily it was Cavuto) to see their coverage and to my surprise it was indeed "fair and balanced". For precisely 39 minutes. Then true to form they went full asshole opining that Joe didn't make the pick himself, he's too senile, he's in a basement wrapped in a shawl drinking cocoa, blah, blah.. Next time it's someone else's turn.

Now the burning question is what infantile nick-name will she be assigned? Anybody?

Looks like they're gonna go with "Phony Kamala".

Trump has basically been calling her nasty which he doesn't seem to understand is a selling point for Kamala.

I was gonna say, I love “nasty” Kamala. When she’s on the attack, she’s a force of nature. I hope she doesn’t fall into the trap of thinking she has to be “nice” just because she’s a woman.

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