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August 13, 2020


I am tolerably confident that Biden did not take the Great Busing War all that seriously. I understand he has been a politician for some little while. And when it didn't work Harris showed pretty good judgement in simply dropping out. Too many contenders, no unoccupied lanes,no obvious demographics in which she could establish a firm base on which to continue. Interestingly her broader appeal, which was not demographically specific enough to instantly build a primary base, is exactly what makes her an excellent VP choice.

I hope none of your female readers will take this amiss but I ran across a Twitter observation the other day to the effect that America finally had a MILF on the ticket. I felt compelled to observe that Palin might have been such but that every time she opened her mouth she could pulp more wood than International Paper.

Is it news to anyone that appearances matter to men? We're shallow creatures. Take one look at 99% of advertisements aimed at men. Harry Belafonte had it nailed: "smarter than the man in every way".

I think republican men thought Sarah Palin was pretty hot. Other men found her attractive until she started speaking. The Republicans used her in a cynical ploy to appease women who wanted Hillary. To no woman's surprise, the stunt didn't work.

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