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August 03, 2020


Please accept my sympathy and fellow feelings because I, too, suffer with claustrophobia. Not too long ago I had to be 'shoved down the barrel', so to speak, but there was just enough space and light at my head end for me not to panic. If memory serves, I think a blindfold can help.

I think the photos are satire. Not that this administration *wouldn't* do this kind of thing.

Also, best wishes on your MRI.

Yeah, as Anthony said, this was just a joke. Be careful, we don’t want to become that which we hate.

Hope everything goes well today!

Close your eyes and practice steady deep breathing. Think about those two words that Woody Allen tells us are the most beautiful words to hear in the world: it’s benign.

No tumor, but I was just informed I must see neurology next; a "possible sign" of something else. I'll keep you informed.

See, a lesser man would’ve taken the post down and pretended the mistake never happened. An even lesser man would’ve kept it up with no correction at all, figuring truth is of no consequence so long as the supposedly virtuous ends justify the means. You, on the hand, have a rare and peculiar habit on this site of admitting when you’re wrong. It’s one of the many reasons I gladly support it with what meager means I have. (Donation coming soon.)

Sorry for whatever ordeal it is you’re dealing with. Thanks for keeping us updated, and know always that your readers love and support you!

I used to collect hockey cards in my youth and also things like NASA mission and astronaut cards. Today I collect medical specialists. Hoping not to collect them all. But I have some rare ones. I did not even know there was such a thing as a neuro-endocrinologist and now I have one.

My daughter tells me that at one of the Ivy League school (she thinks it's Brown) one can now create one's own major. I think I'd go for an MD/PhD in landscape-gastroenterology.

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