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August 13, 2020


But I think she's going to win her general election. The GOP is now the GQP.

Alas for the GOP and the troubled right wing intelligentsia and specifically poor Andrew Sullivan. He has been arguing for GOP reform AND that White Nationalist sentiments are overblown. White privilege he assures us does not really exist. What makes this example particularly compelling is that the Party and the voters had a perfectly conventional dog whistle Republican available. But the Party chose not to intervene. I think the right wing intelligentsia have taken on a contract too large for them. They really ought to outsource this to China or somebody.

But they’re not really taking many poundings, that’s the problem. The truly dispiriting thing for sane America is the realization of how insane, short-sighted, and cruel their fellow citizens are, and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing we can do about it but wait for them to die off.

Which is also futile because they breed and pass their poison on to their offspring.

They will. You cannot serve two masters. You will notice that a lot of Trumpian bullshit is intended to associate the Democrats with the far left. That is a two edged sword. Like I always say, you are who you tolerate in your house. Demographic tides are slow but they will soon reach a stage where ever more strident racism and religious bigotry will be something every Republican candidate will have to justify or publicly repudiate.

I'm starting a bleach gummy bear factory to help things along.

House Republicans where shocked by McCarthy's public indifference to this crazy woman? They elevated Kevin McCarthy to Minority Leader. He's from Bakersfield, CA. If you're from California, enough said. GOP leadership "disavowed" Greene's candidacy but they're all in with QAnon nuts if it gets their candidates elected. It probably won't happen in my lifetime but one day Republicans will be viewed with the same disdain as tobacco use.

I don't think that's as true today as it once was Anne. When I was in high school, there was one black exchange student. There is much more diversity today and kids just aren't buying racism. I live across the corner from a high school and I see it every day. And more kids are rejecting their parent's organized religion. They might be a little smarter than we think.

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