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August 06, 2020


Given the list, and in the light of the number of fatalities likely to result from her policies, my money is on Devos. Is Trump a member of his own cabinet? I ask in light of his comments regarding the NY AG's corruption charges against Wayne Lapierre and his fellow NRA looters. Trump said they, the NRA, should have moved to Texas like he told them to.

Personally I consider donations and membership fees by suckers to the NRA to be well looted. But if you can jail the looters too? Well that's a bonus.

Pete Hamill (RIP) dead-on Trump profile(1989)

I'm not voting, but if Postmaster General Louis DeJoy (not "officially in the cabinet") doesn't win, I suspect voter suppression ...

What kind of tool do you have to be to win a trophy you're not even eligible for?

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