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August 27, 2020


I can't get over that the house where Lincoln sat up late working his way through the Civil War, the house that John Adams and his Abigail were the first President and First Lady to walk across the threshhold, has been turned into a campaign prop for this hog and his bimbo and his daughter/wife. The White House might as well be jacked up and relocated to a trailer park.

Just can't get over it. America hit a new low tonight courtesy of absolute trash people. I just can't...even. God help us. How did we get here?

Well, one reason is that the United Kingdom used the colonies as a convenient dumping ground for surplus aristocrats, malcontents of various sorts, criminals, and the economically surplus, with many of the "criminals" actually being ES rather than truly criminal.

You’re back! Hope you are well. Missed your voice.

Hi Peter. :-)

Just a lot of personal life stuff going on right now, but I've been reading and enjoying (counting on) the good commentary here. Like yours for instance.

Welcome back!

Hey Halster :-) Thanks.

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