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August 08, 2020


Applying the rules of spelling bee on word formation from linguistic roots is getting me nowhere with this one. Never saw it before. I admit defeat. Google calls. And.....I wasn’t even close. Touché.

Damn. And I was sure it meant a vacation in Rome (or thereabouts).

Or maybe the covid vaccine is already available there.

Good, honest tries, gentlemen. I also had never run across it until I stumbled on it in an old Bill Buckley column. As you know, he loved to pull this kind of shit — and it's so obscure these days, I guess I pulled the same shit. Sorry. It wasn't quite fair. For those of you who have yet to look it up, it means "prediction" or "prophecy." I'll go more mainstream next time. Or, you can take advantage of this word by casually dropping it in your next office party in which the election comes up.

The tougher the challenge the better. My grandmother, a lefty socialist, used to have me watch Buckley because of the language he used. She bought me my first dictionary. Words are power is what she’d say.

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