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September 14, 2020


I sincerely hope you are right about President elect Biden. I'm terrified about this election and that obnoxious agitator is not helping. I think his value as an authority on winning elections was eliminated when all those young liberals didn't turn out to vote for him in the primaries.

Sanders advice was entirely predictable. It's chief use in this campaign will be Biden's response. Which will be to completely ignore it. If Biden is as smart and politically astute as I believe him to be he will make sure, through suitable surrogates, that everybody knows he is completely ignoring it.

Left Twitter is agog that Biden's Florida speech on global warming and the environment included no reference to the GND. I told you, if you didn't already know, Biden is smart.

Anne, me too. Seriously, what has Bernie ever actually accomplished?

Like the meme says: As always, f#@k Bernie.

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