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September 09, 2020


The end is not here yet in Devin Nunes' district. The county Republican Party is so desperate that they have paid for and distributed oversized red, white and blue yard signs and placed them all over the city. A "discussion" is taking place about whether they are appropriate or not but party officials are unrepentant.

It reads (seriously):


I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. As far as I'm concerned, they've only hurt themselves. They're obviously beyond embarrassment.

Trump must be a witch because he never seems to get burned. He didn't downplay the danger of covid in public. He outright dismissed it. He knew the danger. And he blackmailed states that he didn't win in 2016. He knew and he cheered on heavily armed unmasked thugs demanding a full opening with no precautions of the economy. He knew and pushed for full no precautions openings of schools on pain of loss of federal funds. He is a bottomless pit of evil who contributes nothing of value to the human race. He is a waste of valuable oxygen.

Yep more proof that Trump is a lying asshole. Now that oughta shake the faith of the Trumpers who elected him because he was a lyng asshole.

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