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September 11, 2020


I pray that you will be ok

Good luck. The last time I had an MRI my neurologist told me "you have a beautiful brain." Not sure what she meant exactly other than I was clear of pathologies, but may the same be true for you.

Hey, I got another one coming up myself. Let’s compare growths.

Peter, you have white matter brain lesions? What's the diagnosis? For me, the neurologists never mentioned another brain scan re: growth. They just wanted to know if there are lesions in my spinal cord as well. Again, what's the word on your end? (which I hope is not where your lesions are).

I might also mention that for several years I've undergone rather severe hand tremors every afternoon and evening. That, too, is a sign of MS, but in my case the neuro folks said it was just the result of a benign something-or-other, for which a med is available and I'm now on. Have hand tremors been a part of your issues? I'm just trying to gather more info, not pry.

Alas PM I do not have white lesions which btw do not seem to have affected your mental acuity. My issue would be a tumor, slow growing, being treated with drugs and the MRIs are to see if it is shrinking. I was quite amazed during the first MRI to learn the awesome variety of noises they make. It’s not unlike a slow drum solo. I will bet if recorded and speeded up you could dance to it.

Damn, Peter, is it malignant? And yes, the MRI noise made me feel as though I was at the Russian front, with artillery booming away.

Any Katyushas on that part of the front?

MS is relatively rare for people under the age of 40 or so to acquire it. My $0.02 worth.

Good luck. Brain scans can be scary. I had one once, but the images of my head showed nothing.

Sorry, for "under" the age of 40 or so please read "over" the age of 40 or so. Told you the brain scan showed nothing!

To answer that question requires a biopsy and it is very inconveniently placed. We shall see. Slow growing though so the odds are in my favor.

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