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September 13, 2020


Done. And confirmed this time.

I have attempted several times to make a contribution to your fine self, but been prevented from doing so by the non-PayPal option, which refused to accept the (indisputably correct) expiration date of my card. What gives?

Mary, you have me stumped. I'm not quite clear as to what the "non-Paypal" option is, but I just tested the system, and it worked. Feel free to email me with specifics. (See "about" under the Biden ad on the left.) Thanks.


Sent some money in but I also need to send money to Joe and company. Retired, generous fixed income, but also have to explain to spouse. It's worked for nearly 40 years now.

Don't despair, I will send more after the election so we get rid of these thugs. Career Army, SNCO, and those clowns probably consider me unAmerican.


Cancel red alert, it worked this time.

Once again: When my Internet access becomes free, I will be happy to contribute. Until then, I will never pay twice for the same thing.

Glad to hear you’re giving yourself a break. Well deserved and much needed I’m sure.

There are three political sites I subscribe to: WaPo, Substack (where Andrew Sullivan recently emigrated), and of course The Carpentariat. You deserve every dollar you get!

To Mark: The other night I ordered a BMW I saw advertised on cable. When they asked for payment, I said, "What payment? I already pay for cable, so anything I see advertised on it should be free."

To "PM": BMW, contrary to what you apparently believe, doesn't take Chevrolets, repaint them, and put BMW badges on them. When you incur actual expenses gathering actual news, then your argument will have validity. Until then, you are being a sarcastic little penis who insulted a reader who still, despite being poor, still supported you with daily clicks.

Until today. Enjoy talking to yourself,because if you keep insulting readers, that's all you'll be doing.

Yeah, Mark, the loss of cheapskate followers like you will doom this blog. 😆

Mind boggling logic Mark. Should you have free online access to the New York Times and Washington Post because you already pay your ISP? Good luck with that. I'm sure their reporters work for free. I'm also sure you think music downloads should be free, too. Those worthless musicians and songwriters don't need to support themselves. Do you work for free? I thought not. What are you even doing here? You are a clueless troll. No free stuff for you.

DA, for me it was you who doomed this blog. I liked being able to comment without coming under attack for every comment. It was obvious that it was going to start up again. PM made his decision and I made mine. Sometimes, you have to protect your commentators..especially the female, good hearted types that got mercilessly targeted by you (and Max).
L Reeves, if you're still out there reading, I was always on your side. I hope that you're happy you lovely lady.

Mary, how many times are you going to flounce our of here on my account? It figures that you wait until this thread is old to make an attack. I never attacked you with every comment you made, but your inability to handle any opposition, your obvious lie that I attack you for every comment, and your self-centeredness will not be missed by anyone here.

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