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September 25, 2021


Peter G

The key way for Trumpers to own Libs prior to Covid was merely to profess to believe the unbelievable. I’ll show you! The world is flat. Take that Libs. To their credit, in the age of Covid many are willing to die and kill to own the libs. It is, of course, irrelevant what Trumpers believe or profess to believe. On the other hand what those vast numbers of electors who pay little attention to politics until the day they are compelled to decide is somewhat more important. The Trumpers have nothing to lose by lying and having acquired the habit I expect they will never stop.


See my comment on yesterday's offering, "American democracy on the rack."


Well, that didn't take long, did it?

John Iwaniszek

They weren't building doubt about the democratic apparatus of government, they were building the anti-semitic myth. Which predicated genocide well before any elections. Nazis were worse.

The Nazis were operating in an environment that was already fairy undemocratic. Nostalgia for the old order was strong and democracy was not a fundamental ideological feature of life then.


Uh...I can't agree my friend. We haven't had a Night of the Long Knives yet. Have we?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker

Oh, don't be a party-pooper and let facts get in the way of a good panic attack! ;)


The above are interesting objections to what I wrote. As to the second objection, the Long Knives came after the Nazis' "elected" control of government. As for the preceding objection, yes of course the Nazis were worse as a political party and in their intentions. My point was only that they never claimed their electoral defeats were the result of election chicanery.

james j brefeld

I'll bet Tradump wouldn't object to nazi death camps here and now.

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