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September 29, 2021


J.P. McJefferson

Frankly, if we're speaking of political malpractice, it is the height of such if we were to enact legislation like the $3.5T reconciliation package being proposed by Democratic Progressives. This package (S. Con. Res. 14) is nothing more than an allocation of funding to hundreds of unspecified policies and programs that have never been detailed or presented and explained to the public. 

While I voted for Joe Biden and I believe in most of the concepts of the BBB, I did not vote for him or the Democratic party to engage in political malpractice. I would expect that each of the diverse components from climate change to child care and many in-between to be developed in a traditional sense with proposals, hearings, expert testimony, debate, discussion, budgets, votes, compromises and public education and finalization. 

The current Democratic $3.5T proposal seems to be saying, for example, "we're going to address climate change and we're going to spend X billions over 10 years." Seemingly skipping all the steps in-between. And now we're talking about a compromise of something less that $3.5T which still would provide nothing in the way of program development or details. Just dollar numbers developed by who knows, with no details. How is that good government?

The bipartisan "hard" infrastructure proposal was developed over time, discussed, detailed, compromised and passed the Senate with 19 Republican votes. It has widespread public support. Pass the damn thing and as Manchin says, "pause" the $3.5T package and develop it properly. Otherwise, keep screwing around and be prepared to lose everything including the 2022 Midterms and all that follows that.

While I'm not a big Manchin fan, I find little that I disagree with in his latest, September 29 statement:


I just read that Sinema’s net worth is now a $1,000,000. It was $35,000 in 2017. She’s completely in this for herself, getting bought off left and right (mostly right) while soaking up the media attention and luxuriating in the power that she uniquely wields as a hold-out. I promise you, she’s loving this,

Marc McKenzie

"While I voted for Joe Biden and I believe in most of the concepts of the BBB, I did not vote for him or the Democratic party to engage in political malpractice."

Who the hell believes that Biden and the majority of Democrats are doing that? The GOP has been engaging in political malpractice for forty goddamned years and people, especially in the news media, have remained silent about it.

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