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October 06, 2021



Only until they're born...

David & Son of Duff

Well with those whopping great tax breaks the Don and Sleepy Joe gave ya, I'm sure some of it found its way to the kids and not beer and football?

Where's the private childcare stats then? The poorest in America do as well as the rest of the world's richest, and as well as the richest countries of the world's poor ...

Even if you're stuck in the bottom 5% of the US income distribution your standard of living is about equal to that of the top 5% of Indians. Even if you're in the bottom 10% your standard of living is about the same as that of the bottom 10% in other rich countries (which, so we are told, care so much more and do so much more) like Sweden and Finland. And when we sweep everything together into some sort of quality of life measure the American poor are better off than the French or German poor.

So I'm sure the lickle-wickle kiddy-winkies do alright stateside. I mean, if they didn't, how come they grow up to earn so much and do so well then?

Quit ya whining already!


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