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October 05, 2021



Gerrymandering is yesterday's news. The hot new thing among GOP operatives is state-level laws that allow Republican legislatures to set aside election results for any reason they choose.


Yes, I have often discussed that here. With gerrymandering, however, one needn't steal elections. They're pre-stolen. Banning election subversion wouldn't touch gerrymandering.

Peter G

The thing about gerrymandering is that it only allows you to put your thumb on the metaphorical scales. But it doesn’t attack the fundamental problem of actually disenfranchising voters. That is much more difficult to get away with. Gerrymandering runs into walls when the demographic shifts are large, as they are becoming in Texas. At some point you just can’t make enough districts predominantly white. You run out of white people.

In other states like Washington, it looks like redistricting will yield +5 Democratic districts. So the news isn’t all bad.

Dale White

Nice to have recognition of the frustration and angst of those of us who live in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. There is a rage that many of us feel toward the---dare I say it---"rednecks" that control our destiny from "Cut and Shoot" (yes, a real place) and other rural centers of power. It's sometimes frightening how estranged we feel from the rest of the state.


Indeed. But with election subversion, gerrymandering is no longer necessary.

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