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November 21, 2021


Peter G

As a collector of interesting words and through the instant gratification of the Internet I discovered the meaning of the word ‘negging’. It originated with a particularly loathsome variety of male called pick up artists. Apparently it works. Trump is the master of this technique.

Anne J

And the misogyny is spilling over into public policy, hence the Texas pro stalker, pro vigilante law that allows harassment of anyone helping a woman get an abortion. But please stop blaming women. Perhaps republican voting women don't see these kinds of policies coming. And why is there never any acknowledgement of the women who vote against republicans but end up as collateral damage in their anti woman policies.

Anne J

Yes, it really is a man's world. Welcome to reality.


"How any woman or any women-respecting man can still vote Republican is beyond my deepest comprehension of the human drama."

Stockholm syndrome, that's how.

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