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January 27, 2022


Peter G

Here’s a couple of ideas. Stop threatening Germany with idiotic trade wars. Started by Trump but not relaxed under Biden. Support the alternate energy sources I suggested the other day so Germany can see they will not be dependent on Russia for needed imports or exports. Cheap at the price. It’s not like Germany is a necessary element of the military support Ukraine requires. They just have the most to lose economically.

I think her appraisal is spot on from the Ukrainian point of view. The situation with German demands for hunks of what was then Czechoslovakia springs to mind. How much can they trust the west. But I suspect that lesson was not lost on everybody in Europe. I am sure Putin would be satisfied with the juicy bits of the Ukraine with a bonus of masses of refugees headed West. But I do not think he is going to get it or anything like that. I wonder what European or other world leader wants to try waving a piece of paper declaring peace in our time? Nope. And I also think his window of opportunity for large scale assault on Ukraine is fast evaporating.

Putin has gravely misjudged the situation and I think they are mostly focused now on a face saving exit.

Side note’. Russia is currently putting large parts of all their fleets to sea for exercises. Not many Ukrainians forces in the mid-Atlantic or the Pacific. Who are they going to engage? A more pointless and costly exercise I cannot imagine. Putin is burning through that piggy bank pretty fast. If Putin blows the Russian economy to hell it won’t be just Oligarchs who woul be pissed. On the lighter side I have offered to start a pool on which Russian ship sinks first. Not through combat mind. They are perfectly capable of sinking on their own without assistance.

Peter G

Btw if by ‘you’d be interested’ you meant me you would be right. Thanks.

Anne J

And I appreciate your insights, Peter. You help me better understand what I have just read better.

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