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February 22, 2022


Peter G

Remind me again which president denied Ukraine urgently needed military support in order to extort a phony investigation of various Bidens.

Nice to see the Germans boot Putin in the economic nuts by canceling the already built, at Russian expense, Nordstream 2 pipeline. More to come hopefully and soon. Looks like Biden has got the band back together on this issue. I wonder if Putin imagines any other nations are going to recognize his newly created Ukrainian nations. These areas are merely parts of the Ukraine currently occupied by Russian supported insurgents that most definitely represent a minority of the resident Ukrainian population. I'd start calling for internationally supervised elections in these areas. Not that that would work because Russia would excersize their veto on the UN security council. But that would open an argument for removing them from that body and replacing them. Let's say with India.

Clever boy Putin, only moving troops into areas they already effectively have conquered if just by proxy. However his own argument is that all Ukrainians are really Russians and I don't think anyone is going to overlook that.

It looks to me like the Russians are set to ignite yet another cold war. Which they will also lose being much weaker both militarily and economically than they were last time. Hopefully this one won't last as long and will result in the disappearance of Putin.

Marc McKenzie

Good points, Peter.

And let's not forget that TFG wanted to really bust up NATO and tried--probably on orders from his buddy/master Vlad. Biden has kept NATO together. Biden has also been pretty adamant of going for diplomacy first until all avenues are exhausted.

It's pretty sad to see the right/left converge on claiming that it's Biden who wants a war while Trump was the peacenik.

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