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February 27, 2022


Peter G

There is no political wisdom that cannot be found in The Godfather. If Machiavelli himself watched it he’d be constantly observing ‘See! That’s what I mean.’

Peter G

In other interesting news I see that Putin has announced he is raising the alert status of his nuclear deterrent forces. Which means things are going worse for Russia in Ukraine than I imagined. And i didn’t think they were going well. It turned out that all that stuff I have been reading for decades on strategic, and even more importantly, tactical military doctrine was spot on. Maybe the Russians should have read up on that too.

Anne Dillon

So, this is just bravado on Putin's part?

Peter G

Big time. Now he might be crazy enough to actually issue some attack order to launch some sort of nuclear attack. The inevitable result would be escalation and the annihilation of Russia. At this point what he would get is his Russian bullet. Not only is Putin discovering how badly he was informed about the state of his own military and Russian sentiment he badly misread Ukrainian sentiment and the resolve of the West to deal with Russian aggression. Every day his news gets worse.

The big problem now for Putin is how to back out. Occupying even a part of Ukraine is unacceptable. The Ruble is in free fall. Their economy is set to implode and the options have run out. Sanctions are going away while they stay.
But I do beg you to note that Putin’s statement on nukes doesn’t signal he is going to launch them. Rather it was done to rally domestic support by suggesting Russia is under imminent attack. Satellite imagery shows zero changes at their launch sites. .

Peter G

Are not going away I meant to say

Anne Dillon

Thank you Peter G. I want you to be correct; however, Putin's evilness gives me reason to worry for our civilization. Madness cannot always be predicted

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