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February 28, 2022


Peter G

Have you seen the map showing where Russian incursions have taken place? My goodness, it would have given any general rank military man (or women) a stroke. It consists of nothing but a bunch of vulnerable salients and over extended supply lines. While it is true that Russia has largely held back its heavy armored units, their best tank units and such, I think the reason is not solicitude for the damage these might do to Ukrainians. They are vulnerable too without large infantry deployments to protect the armor. And they don’t have the supply chain in place to supply their current invading troops never mind these support hungry armored brigades.

Keep the Javelins coming!

You are absolutely correct about what is going on with the Russian troops. Anecdotal evidence is always suspect but a lot of Russian POWs have been interviewed. They don’t know why they are there. They didn’t know where they are going and they clearly were told they would be treated as liberators. As Gomer Pyle would say, Surprse, surprise, surprise.

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