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February 25, 2022



Makes one wonder whether NATO ought to consider immediate membership for Ukraine, as well as Sweden and Finland. Perhaps Putin would realize then that his rantings and bellicosity are having exactly the opposite effect than he seems to want them to. Or if not Putin, the billionaires who keep him in power.

Peter G

My wife, and not a few others, think he has a serious illness that is affecting his thinking. Perhaps they are right. Here’s a thing you don’t ever do: you don’t drop lightly armed and poorly supplied airborne troops far from a very large relief force. Otherwise you are just dropping soon to be prisoners of war. But they’ve done exactly that. It’s almost as if the Russians imagined they were going to be welcomed. If so, not going as planned.

Peter G

Things are not going well for the Russians. Seeing a lot of video evidence like abandoned Russian tanks (total junk), armored vehicles that have run out of gas and such as that. I am getting the feeling that the Russians have have followed traditional Russian practices of lying up the chain of command. Particularly about the state of readiness of equipment, supply transport and training. If these invading formations are their very best then I foresee further problems.

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