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February 25, 2022


Anne J

I couldn't even bring myself to read all the tweets. They do realize there is more to governing than shit tweeting right?

Peter G

What did you expect? Right now the Conservative Party in Canada is pitching the idea that they saved Canada from the Trudeau dictatorship by forcing them to rescind the Emergency Powers declaration. Which wasn't needed anymore because the emergency was over. Mostly what they are getting for that pitch is raspberries. But they are trying anyway.

I am satisfied with the way Biden is handling this. Between the ratcheting up of sanctions and those rather awesome Russian protests against the invasion I do believe Putin is getting a sense of the size of the can of worms he has opened for dinner.

FYI if you wondering why the SWIFT system is not excluding Russia yet you need not worry. Right now, as we ponder, money is flooding out of Russia through that pipeline. And If Putin does not shut it down he isn't going to have a pot to piss in.

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