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April 28, 2022



Someone should start a social media platform called "The Misanthropes." Only accept posts that you don't care about and instead of collecting "likes" and "dislikes", only collect " I don't give a shits." Take the best of these and turn them into nonfungible tokens.

Peter G

If you wanted some insight into just how idiotic Elon Musk is on this issue consider the following. Twitter does not make much money but what it does make is generated principally by ad sales with some data sales to interested parties. It’s mostly ads though. So what happens if it becomes a toxic wasteland? Or just a more toxic wasteland? It’s not as if Twitter could exist on My Pillow ads purchased by Mike Lindell. And that my friends is how Twitter under Musk will die. Advertisers unwilling to have their ads placed in a sewer will flee.

I use Twitter. If it croaks or otherwise becomes unpalatable then I will be forced to use another free service that will doubtless appear. I will be happy either way and to be honest watching Elon be exposed for the silly fool I think he is has a lot of entertainment possibilities.

Peter G

Another thing in regard to Tesla. Elon is theoretically the richest man on the planet. But that is mostly due to market valuation of Tesla which is spectacularly overpriced seeing as it doesn’t make money making or selling anything but tax credits. Elon is cash poor with a paltry couple of billion in cash and liquid assets. Which means he is going to have to dump a lot of Tesla stock to finance a Twitter acquisition. Anytime that happens and stock gets dumped on the market the price falls.

In essence Elon fucked a lot of other Tesla shareholders by telegraphing his punch at Twitter.


I've dropped off of all of them over the last year. PM and Borussia Dortmund are the only things I come to Facebook for.

On the other side, my Reddit usage is way up. It's the only site I get to every day.

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