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April 29, 2022


Peter G

It seems not to have registered much with Western media but this isn’t the first time Putin massed military forces on the Ukrainian border. Same thing happened in 2018 I believe. The professionals at that time looked at the dispositions and the lack of logistical support vehicles and concluded it was a show. They were right.

Poor Russia has blown an opportunity that won’t be repeated at least while Putin is at the helm. There are a lot of commenters in the twenty twenty hindsight section who claim that their current view, Russia should have been economically isolated after the Soviet era ended. They are completely wrong. Russia was given the opportunity to become part of the world economic order and that was the carrot. All the other SSRs got that opportunity and many seized that opportunity and ran with it. So did China for that matter. That was the carrot. Those who argue it should have been all stick are idiots. That would not have ended well.

So the Russians were allowed to trade oil and gas and other commodities for the cash that rebuilt their economy. And they were excellent customers for Western goods and services. Alas Putin decided to flush all the down the toilet. I’m told it was all a mistake for Europe to become reliant on Russian resources. This ignores that Russia became reliant on Western markets and cash. Now Russia will lose that. Alternative resources will be sought and supply chains secured. This does not affect just Oligarchs. It will adversely affect all Russians. The only alternative for the Russians now is basically to become economic vassals of China. Maybe India but they will have to build infrastructure to transit southern ex-SSRs to make this work.
It may take quite a while for all this to penetrate into some very obstinate Russian skulls but it will eventually. Putin had better be very very paranoid if he wishes to survive the clusterfuck he created.


It seems there's been more distance between the oligarchs and Putin than has often been reported. And what Ari Velshi described as a "curious" number of them have died recently:

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