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May 28, 2022


Anne J

All I can say to thar is "Amen!" Are we really free if we go out in public hoping we don't get caught up in a mass shooting? Are people who are so scared of their own shadows that they feel the need to arm themselves to the teeth really brave? No and no. If we can't expand the meaning of Memorial Day to include victims of mass shootings, then we should give the victims their own holiday. After all, just like soldiers, they had to die to preserve other people's "freedom" and the pro life republican party sees nothing wrong with innocent people dying for the selfish and paranoid desires of others.



Dale White

Is it right to assume that the only reason other developed countries don't have this problem is that they don't have anything like the second amendment to the Constitution? Would that mean that the only remedy that would work for us is amending the Constitution in some way?

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