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May 31, 2022



People who shoot people inside buildings first have to enter the building, hence, the problem is doors. However, people who enter buildings through doors usually walk through those doors. Hence, the real problem is feet.

Anne J

Was that a joke headline? I honestly can't tell.


Yes, it's from Andy Horowitz. For some reason the usual credit placement was omitted. I hadn't noticed.

Peter G

Trudeau is showing some serious smarts here. Gun controls are quite popular in Canada. Except with certain elements of the Conservative Party who actually want a constitutional amendment enshrining the right to have guns. You know, in case they lose another election and need to pursue an alternative strategy. Go for it I say. We’ll have an interesting debate.

Peter G

Just so you know, that part ain’t fake. These are actual proposals coming up for legislation.

Anne J

Can't the conservative party in Canada simply look south of the border to see what almost unlimited gun ownership gets you? Why would they want to bring that into your country. I imagine you might have a problem with guns from here coming into Canada?

Peter G

Alas Anne, we have our share of nuts. I knew one quite well. A divorced father of two with custody thereof, he regularly appeared at a local coffee shop I frequented. The kids were practically dressed in rags and we all eventually found out why. It had to do with investing the rewards of being a trucker into a collection of over two hundred guns and forty thousand rounds of ammunition. All of which were improperly stored leading to a raid, an arrest and a felony conviction. Surprise!
The true irony was that he lost his job as a trucker because, under American law, he was no longer admissible to the US. Convicted felon. So sorry.

Politically of course, Conservatives in Canada almost always speak in election campaigns of “taking the country back” although they are a little nebulous on who they plan on taking it back from. Presumably it is the people they keep losing it to in elections. The implied suggestion is that they might need what Americans call a second amendment solution. If they want to pursue this course of protecting the right of any nitwit to own guns . I am looking forward to the debate.

Anne J

It's a miracle his children weren't hurt. I hope they found a safe place to go.

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