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May 29, 2022


Peter G

Sounds good to me.


So you want the politicians to pass a law regulating politicians? Good luck with that...



Anne J

Please stop this. It's bad enough people with mental get stigmatized every time there is a mass shooting but to now compare us to evil politicians who refuse to do anything real about gun control is a completely unfair comparison as well. Comparing mental illness to evil and stupidity is yet another refusal to see mental illness for the physical illness that it truly is.

And what are these so called "red flag" laws supposed to do anyway? Whose job is it to prevent a mentally ill person from buying a gun? A trained psychiatrist? A gun vendor? Who? What if a person buying a gun has no mental health diagnosis? Does anyone not stop to think a what a slippery slope this is? This could set us up for other forms of discrimination like employment and housing. All because selfish narcissistic ammo sexuals can't live without their precious arsenals? If people want to bring mental illness into the gun violence discussion, then why does no one bring up suicide? That is the most likely way a person with mental health issues would commit gun violence. On themselves and only themselves. My brother didn't have any known mental health diagnosis but he killed himself with a gun last July and a piece of my heart is shattered forever. But nobody cares about suicides. Nobody calls for gun control legislation over one person killing themselves and no one else because it's just not sensational enough.

And by the way, why is it that republicans who deflect to playing the mental illness card evert time there is a mass shooting never offer more funding for mental health care? It's just like how they want to force pregnant women to give birth without offering prenatal care. The pro death republicans are not mentally ill. They are evil.

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