Outside of the rhetorically disabled and logically disadvantaged future speaker, only the House's Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared to be quotable. She repeated Trump's unconvincing contention that he "had no idea who Nick Fuentes was," and added that such guests would be barred by staff from here on. "Any former president should have that in place," she said. “If you don’t know who someone is and don’t know what they’re about, you don’t know that they’re maybe a bad person in your midst." This, ironically, could be truthfully said of anyone so benighted as to ignorantly ponder dining with Trump

If you resist my assessment of the Post article — there were no floodgates of criticism opened, there was no near-monolithic or even particularly notable blowback from Republican lawmakers — then read the article yourself and see what you think. I think it was misleading, and appallingly so. Moreover, and more important, the elected members of Trump's party remain cowered by his presence. But they're behind the popular curve, which is being set by a handful of Trump's presidential competitors. DeSantis, I suspect, will adjust accordingly; for now, for him, it's too soon.