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September 17, 2023



There is no viable alternative. If Trump is the nominee, Biden will do just fine. Turning to somebody else at this point would be much riskier.


That certainly is the consensus among party strategists.

Pamela S

I would like to see a Biden/Chris Murphy ticket.


If Democratic leaders are not trying to convince Biden to drop out, then I consider that to be political malpractice on their part. Gavin Newsom would do just fine.

Otherwise, even if Biden ekes out a win (unlikely), he would be a disaster downballot.


I would like to see Kamala Harris take one for the team and bow out so Chris Murphy could run as VP. That would relieve a lot of the anxiety concerning Biden's age and most likely ensure a better turnout in 2024. Biden will still win either way, of course, but a resounding defeat would finally put an end to Trump's stolen election nonsense.

Poll reliability during 2016-2020 was awful. Even FiveThirtyEight admits that the better overall accuracy of 2020-21 polls was largely driven by better calls of gerrymandered House seats. These pollsters, Beacon Research and Shaw & Company Research, only had a 70% success rate in 2020-21. I take polls with a grain of salt these days.


The party strategists should be fired. This current situation was so easily foreseen by anyone not conversant with the Democrat's Bible. You load all these charges onto Trump, carefully tailored to cause maximum damage and the whole strategy backfires. He's able to point to the politicisation, calculated timing and unusual nature of these accusations which would probably not normally be pursued as criminal. You wanted Trump, you got him. His base is energised and some waverers feel ambivalent. Faced with a choice many undecided may opt for Trump.

Joe Biden is already struggling with age-related decline which has been obvious for a long time and is now undeniable. (You do try PM but you're not persuading me). Oh, but...I can hear you wailing. Biden is only three years older than Trump. True, but Trump is still his crazy self, unchanging and fairly physically robust.

The party that gets rid of its geriatric will win. If Biden stays, I believe that he will lose to Trump. If both parties ditch their geriatrics then you may have a meaningful election decided on issues as well as personalities.

In the event that Trump wins there will have to be some soul-searching as to who enabled his resurrection.

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