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December 07, 2023


Anne J

Wow, that was such a load of b.s. he poured out in that video with the soft piano music in the background making it seem like he's a better person than he is. Kevin has never served anyone but himself. Even when trying to get Orange Emperor Tedious Maximus to eat because he was so sad about losing the election he was serving himself.

Unfortunately, his seat is in a very comfortable republican district and the next guy they elect will probably be even worse.


I used to live in a smallish district in California largely populated by two medium sized cities and for years my "rep" was the weasel known as Devin Nunes. He won election after election by large margins until 2020 when he won by only 5 points. He also decided to quit a year early after the California Citizens Redistricting Commission redrew the district maps in 2020 and his new district became rather small and purple. My new district, on the other hand, is a giant, raggedy, gerrymandered looking mess and even though I live nowhere near Bakersfield or the desert regions, I ended up being "represented" by Kevin McCarthy in 2022. My new district, by all metrics, holds the distinction of being the reddest district in the entire state of California. So this constituent says good riddance to both Devin and Kevin and thanks for never showing your faces in public in my fair city over the years. (Private fundraisers were a different matter, of course.) Who knows what kind of psycho we'll end up with next. There is certainly no shortage of them here.

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