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January 30, 2024


Anne J

Can one one really be a virtuoso of vileness if it comes as naturally to them as breathing? Is he really a virtuoso if he can't turn off the vileness even if his life depended on it?


The Swifties are overwhelmingly young, female, and left-leaning. Hence the pursuit by the Biden camp. Hence the complete meltdown by Fox News and other right wing media outlets.

They can't root for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, and they hate San Francisco, the capitol of LGBTQ+ America. It's a conspiracy, I tell you -- to make Gawd-fearing 'muricans hate football!


Something else they once loved, GWN, 'cause they're tough, and now hate. It's hard to keep up.


This is hilarious. From another Stoddard column: "Addled Trumpers are sounding the alarm. They’re not just warning that Swift is out to brainwash America’s youth into liberalism or theorizing that she and Travis Kelce are in a fake relationship. Now they’re telling us that the Super Bowl is going to be fixed. Got that? Just as in Donald Trump’s Big Lie, evildoers are conspiring against Trump and his supporters—but this time they are going to steal a football game instead of a presidential election."

Anne J

Dear gods, does the right wing unhinged paranoia never cease?

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