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January 23, 2024



PM, sometimes you're wrong, but still forgivable. Other times, what you write is awful.. Posting that photograph of the Nazis and drawing an inevitable comparison is a new low, even as you try to wriggle out of it. I just can't reconcile your robustly enthusiastic support for the war in Ukraine which is similarly being reduced to rubble, with your huge concern for women and children being slaughtered in a different territory. the thing is that the peaceful resolution between the Ukraine and Russia is complex and also has the potential to destabilise Europe, but there are limits as to how weapons and money alone can win a war. The USA is never going to be invested in the future of Ukraine as the native Ukrainians (many of whom have fled) and Russia is never going to give up so the eventual result is a foregone conclusion. As for Israel, and your country insisting on a two state solution there is a problem, it's's been tried before. Neither side wants two states. The rest of the world, looking on dispassionately, comes up with an answer that suits nobody who actually lives in there. These people hate each other. So, maybe stop with the Nazi photos and the false analogies.


My principal reaction, Mary, is that the last thing I tried to do in the post was "wriggle out of it." I was eager to explain the reason for the analogy. I'm scarcely the first commentator to note that the world needs to open its eyes to the obscenities of that war and then pressure Israel's leaders to stop. Current reports suggest some small success in that direction, but more pressure is a must. As for being unable to reconcile Ukraine, I'm unclear on what you mean. That war, too, needs to stop because of similar obscenities imposed by Putin. But it won't stop, of course, and I salute Ukrainians' gutsy resistance to a bloody tyrannical invader — something that Israel is as well. I see no conflict in that reasoning, but maybe I'm missing something. Anyway, I appreciate your critique. Honest, civilized debate is always good.

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